What Will You Build?

Your first blockchain DApp

In this course you will build a TodoList smart contract, application, convered with integration tests, deployed from your locally running blockchain node synchronized with hundreds of other Ethereum developers in a global test network called Rinkeby!

What you will learn?

At the end of the course you will have:

  • Understanding of Ethereum ecosystem and its glossary

  • Locally runnig blockchain node synced with hundreds of other developers on a test network Rinkeby

  • Your own smart contract written in Solidity and deployed in a global network

  • End-to-end integration tests ensuring your application works as expected

  • Perfect local development setup using the same exact tools and frameworks I use on daily basis

For whom is this course?

Developers looking to start with Ethereum blockchain development

Course Ethereum 101 is designed for developers who want to start with blockchain development, smart contracts and obtain unique cutting-edge skills. Practice over theory. You will start right away with the development and pick-up the theory as you progress. Most importatly, at any point of time, you will have the ability to ask questions below each lecture. Teamwork!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    About Ethereum
    • Mission
    • Team
    • Geth, EVM, Smart Contracts
  • 2
    Setup your new blockchain node and create an account with 8 ETH
    • Installing Geth
    • Running a blockchain node
    • Creating your first blockchain account
    • Receiving transaction of 8ETH from the Ethereum foundation for FREE
  • 3
    How to transfer funds to another account
    • Why 1 Ether == 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Wei
    • Sending Ether to another account using Geth Console
  • 4
    Secure your cryptographic keys using Wallet with Graphical User Interface, getting fancy
    • What is a Wallet
    • How to install a Wallet
    • Connecting the Wallet to a local blockchain node
    • Exploring accounts, blocks and transactions
    • Sending Ether via the Wallet GUI
  • 5
    Smart Contracts in nutshell, THEORY
    • Everything you need to kow about the Smart Contracts Ecosystem to start programming DApps in 1 lecture!
    • Getting to know the most useful Solidity editor
    • Understanding concepts: Gas, Call and Transaction
  • 6
    Program your first Smart Contract in Solidity language IN CLOUD, PRACTICE
    • Decentralized TODO application: Requirements
    • Development setup
    • Code style guide
    • Designing the model
    • Mapping TODOs
    • Adding a new TODO to a list
    • Searching for a highest priority TODO
    • Completing a TODO
    • Locking a TODO with Ether
    • Releasing Ether on TODO completion
    • BONUS: Validation functions
  • 7
    Tools and Frameworks for faster local development
    • How to install the essential blockchain tools
    • How to develop blockchain DApps on your laptop
    • How to write tests for our TodoList Smart Contract
    • How to debug a Smart Contract
    • How to deploy TodoList Smart Contract to Rinkeby via Geth
  • 8
    Congrats, You are a blockchain developer!
    • Your current skills