Crypto sucks, blockchain tech rocks!

1 eBook you need in order to understand what blockchain is and how it's programmed

Full blockchain workflow analyzed component by component from A-Z, from the GENESIS balance distribution and settings through block creation all the way to a consensus agreement, hashing, encryption and persistance to disk.
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Crypto sucks, blockchain tech rocks!


The book was written by developers for developers. Book focus is on the design and communication between blockchain components.

  • Visual UML Diagrams

  • Pragmatic theory explaining the importance of each component and why were they designed in this way

  • Runnable Go programs demonstrating how specific blockchain components and techniques such as hashing, encryption, database and others can be implemented

Designed for developers

This book is for you if you…

  • like to explore new technologies
  • want to understand PROs and CONs of blockchain
  • understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends in programming and system architecture
  • are curious in the under the hood magic
  • … but don't want to work through a theory-heavy, 800 pages, 4 kgs cryptography book
  • organized, structured, progressive content
  • always wanted to say, "Holy shit, I understand how blockchain is being programmed, its components and P2P networking in highly distributed systems!"


  • Do I need previous experience with blockchains?

    Absolutely not! On the contrary, this book was written for you!

  • Can I read the book even though I'm not a Go programmer?

    Yes! I wrote the book with the aim to keep the code as easy to understand as possible. If you are experienced in other programming languages you should be able to understand it.

  • What if I get stuck in a topic?

    You will have my 24/7 dedicated email support.

  • What if I won't like it?

    Your satisfaction is my number 1 goal. We developers are logical beings, no hard feelings, 30-days money back guarantee!

  • Is the book ready?

    Not yet, in one month! I am currently working on it day and night but pre-order for discounted price 27€ is already available if you provide a testimonial! If you order right now, you will be one of the first ones who will receive alpha access to pre-released material!

Table of Content

Developers vs Blockchain

  • Blockchain Sucks
  • Humans Need Blockchain
  • Love || Hate Technology
  • One To Rule Them All
  • The Benefits Of Learning Blockchain Development
  • BONUS: Blockchain Pays Well

Blockchain Anatomy

  • Monolithic Event vs Distributed Transaction
  • Madam/Sir Your Cryptographic Signature Please
  • High-Level Diagram Overview From Sky
  • End-To-End Blockchain Workflow
  • Like Event-Sourcing But 299km/h Dangerous
  • Block By Block

Immutable Database

  • Abracadabra L'Hash de Immutable
  • Why Merkle Tree > MySQL DB?
  • Persist My Memory State To Disk
  • Oops, I Made A Bug
  • It Takes Two Nodes To Tango

P2P Networking, We Need To Talk

  • Centralized Servers Are Fragile
  • Discovering Your Partner With TCP, Destiny?
  • One Night Stand Won't Work
  • Proof Yourself You Workaholic
  • My Future Is At Stake
  • Forget It, I Am The Dominant Authority
  • The Fischer Lynch Paterson Impossibility Result
  • Resolving Conflicts In a Relationship

Cheating On Your Peer

  • Taking Over 51% Of Relationship
  • Spending Suspiciously A Bit Too Much
  • It's Not You, It's Me && Byzantine Fault Tolerance
  • Sorry, It's Time To Split The Database.
  • Program A New Beginning!

Any questions?

If you have any questions, send me an email. I promise, you'll make my day. I love chatting about blockchain or (programming and technology) in general: blocksby @